Nebula (VFX Image Asset Library)

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An out of this world asset library

300+ Nebulas, Galaxies, Energy Dust / Gas, and more.

Design your own space scene

Many of these images can be used on their own. But, you can also combine numerous images together and create entirely new scenes.

This library focuses on having a huge amount of variety, so that the images will work for any space picture, movie scene, or design.

Easily import into Nuke / Photoshop / After Effects / Blender / Resolve / any other image software!

License Information:

One person (Sole-proprietor entity or equivalent, not operating as corporation), can use in personal or commercial projects.  Not for use by multiple artists.

Not a multi-user license, if you have multiple artists working for your company please look at the Indie Studio or Studio license.

Yearly revenue of individual does not exceed $200,000 USD

Indie Studio:

Multi-User license for many artists, or individual / entity making over $200,000 usd / year.

Yearly revenue of entity is below 3 Million USD


Multi-User License for many artists

Yearly revenue of entity exceeds 3 million USD per year

Educational Institutions, Online Education, or other uses:
-Please contact for special license

Terms of use:

Very simple terms of use.  This pack can be used for personal or commercial use.  The only restriction is that you may not re-distribute or re-sell the effects, in any easily extractable manner. 

To read the full terms, please click here:

Examples of terms:

-It's fine to use these elements in a compiled video game, in films, projects

-It's not fine to put these on youtube as an easily screen recorded element, a stock footage website, or an educational platform that allows people to have the assets without purchasing them from here.

-It's not fine to re-distribute the original (or slightly modified) elements if it isn't baked into a final project form, anywhere else that people can download from.

-You may not generate NFTs using these assets.

Refunds are not available for this product, as the digital files are transferred upon purchase.

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